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Building 3, Suite 602, 63 Flushing Avenue, Unit 112
Brooklyn, NY 11205

(212) 226-0573

Dieu Donné is a leading non-profit cultural institution dedicated to serving established and emerging artists through the collaborative creation of contemporary art using the process of hand papermaking.


Studio Services

Dieu Donné is a 8,000 square foot hand papermaking studio, gallery, and archive located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Visual artists work in collaboration with highly skilled artistic staff to create both unique and editioned two- and three-dimensional works. 

Studio Rentals
Artists are able to rent our fully equipped paper making studio and work in collaboration with a skilled artistic collaborator. The following is a description of rental levels and pricing. Please contact Dieu Donné studio staff for further information and to plan a studio rental. Studio hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am — 5:00pm. 

Group Studio Rentals
For experienced papermakers. Up to 4 artists work independently with the shared support of one Studio Collaborator and share the studio rental for the day.

During these rentals, artists may work up to 22” x 30” inches and with standard materials such as cotton and abaca.

The rental fee includes standard material and studio preparation as well as standard drying after the rental.

Additional fees may be applicable due to the complexity, costs and time involved in the materials or post-drying work.

If interested in joining a group rental, or attending a class to gain experience for these rentals please contact Amy Jacobs: or 212-226-0573 ext. 207. 

Group studio rental fee is $350 per artist.

Exclusive Studio Rentals
Artists work in collaboration with one or more artistic collaborators in the creation of works of art in handmade paper.

During these rentals, the studio is dedicated to the artist and collaborator(s). A conversation between the artist and collaborator will take place in advance of the rental and allow the collaborator to prepare the necessary paper making materials for the project.

The rental fee includes standard material preparation as well as standard drying and curating services after the rental, however some projects may incur additional costs due to the complexity, costs and time involved in the materials or post-drying work.

Full day exclusive studio rental with one Studio Collaborator $1,400*

Note: Artists working at large scale (30” x 40” inches and above) may require an additional Studio Collaborator, available for $250 per day, or outside studio staff.  

Consecutive days booked will be discounted by $150 per day

* 50% deposit secures your date(s)

Custom Paper & Materials
Dieu Donné produces custom paper and materials for a variety of applications, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photographic and digital prints, and more. The studio produces handmade papers with museum archival standards, which can be modified for an artist's specific needs. 

Custom paper is created at Dieu Donné using a variety of traditional fiber sources - such as cotton, linen, abaca, and raw flax - or select alternative fibers. Our paper can range from thick, heavy-weight sheets to translucent, ethereal skins and numerous other possibilities. 

The minimum amount to place an order is $500; cost per sheet varies depending on fiber content, weight, colorants used, and finishing (surface quality).

Standard sizes range from 11” x 14”  up to 40” x 60” and can also be customized for an additional fee. We have the capacity to produce 7' x 10' air-dried sheets of paper in a limited range of fibers. Pricing starts at $2,450. 

Each order is discussed on an individual basis with a papermaker for a quote. Once the specifics of the order have been arrived at, a 50% deposit places the order, and an estimated timeline is provided.

Dieu Donné does not stock an inventory of paper, but offers overruns from custom orders at a discount priced per sheet. Selection and quantities vary, contact us for more details and availability.

Collaborative Projects
Dieu Donné offers unique opportunities to produce individual works and editions with print shops and publishers through collaborative artists’ projects. Artistic staff consult with artists and publishers to develop innovative methods of production which may incorporate other printmaking techniques or processes. 

Artist Publishing Projects
Artists themselves may schedule time in the studio to produce their own self-published projects. The staff consult with artists to help conceive their project as realized through the papermaking process. The artist and staff develop a working practice during production that has set a precedent for collaboration over the past thirty years. 

Artist Sponsorship Residency
Dieu Donné works with collectors, supporters, and publishers of artwork through this residency as a direct way of enabling an artist to benefit from the experience of creating work in the handmade paper. The three-day residency can be funded to further allow the artist to develop a fully-realized work or create an edition. Past artists sponsored through the residency include Lesley Dill, William Kentridge, James Siena, Richard Tuttle, and others. 

Individual Consultation

Artists can book one-on-one consultations with one of the master papermakers to focus on a papermaking process of their choosing, including casting, watermarking, pulp painting and more. This may include looking at samples from Dieu Donné's extensive archive together, hands-on demonstrations, and working through specific project-based technical questions. Consultations can act as a personalized supplement to our regular adult education classes, a precursor to working at Dieu Donné for a full studio rental day, or gaining knowledge to complete the work in one's own studios. The cost is $150 per hour with a one hour minimum.