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Dieu Donné is a leading non-profit cultural institution dedicated to serving established and emerging artists through the collaborative creation of contemporary art using the process of hand papermaking.

Papermaking Resources

Carriage House Paper 
245 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
t: 718-599-PULP (7857)

Twinrocker Handmade Paper 
100 East Third Street
Brookston, IN 47923
t: 800-757-8946

The Papertrail
1450 Bridge Street
P.O. Box 484
New Dundee, Ontario
t: 800-421-6826


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Hand Papermaking Magazine
A journal of contemporary papermaking published twice a year giving information and inspiration on the art and craft of hand papermaking. Each issue features articles on a variety of topics within the field, including: contemporary artistic approaches, craft techniques, historical topics and reference, international development, and educational initiatives. Their website features web-only content of interest to educators.

Papermaking Organizations

The Friends of Dard Hunter 
A national membership organization comprised of members interested in all facets of papermaking.

IAPMA — The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists 
An international organization for paper artists.

Robert C. Williams Paper Museum at Georgia Tech 
An internationally renowned resource on the history of paper and paper technology. In addition to more than 2,000 books, the Museum features a remarkable collection of over 10,000 watermarks, papers, tools, machines and manuscripts.

Electronic Resources

Book Arts Web 
Features links to a large selection of book arts related sites on the web, including educational opportunities, professional organizations, tutorials, reference materials, and galleries with images.

Friends of Dard Hunter Blog

Additional Links