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Dieu Donné is a leading non-profit cultural institution dedicated to serving established and emerging artists through the collaborative creation of contemporary art using the process of hand papermaking.

Embedding, Blowouts, and Simple Watermarks

Weekend Classes

Embedding, Blowouts, and Simple Watermarks

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Embedding, Blowouts, and Simple Watermarks


All workshops are scheduled from 11am-4pm. Choose an available date below.

This course covers three techniques: embedding is a method of incorporating a variety of materials into your sheets of paper; while blowouts use an object’s shape to create pieces of paper that take on this object’s silhouette. Watermarks are translucent images incorporated into a sheet of paper when it is made, and are only visible when the dry sheet is held up to light.

Students will need to bring materials with them that they wish to use for these three techniques.

Embedding materials should be fairly flat, flexible and able to withstand moisture. Common examples are collage papers, fabric, string, brass wire, etc. Please do not bring materials that rust, nor ones that cannot withstand heavy pressure, or are too dimensional (like rocks, shells, round objects, etc.), as they can break or damage studio equipment.

Almost anything can be a blowout object as long as it can withstand heavy moisture. It is best for objects to have a flat side since the shape of this side determines the shape of the resulting piece of paper. Blowouts can be made using gloves, scissors, chains, plastic containers, your hand, etc.

Students will make both traditional and contemporary types of watermarks, and are advised to bring a simple line drawing to trace.

Price includes a $35 materials fee.

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