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About Papermaking

Glossary of Papermaking Terms
Resources and Suppliers

Watch this video to see how we make paper in the Dieu Donné studio:

Visit our YouTube page to see how you can make paper at home, and learn more about our work with handmade paper.

Children's Education

Please click here for information about our children's education programs.

Adult Workshops

All workshops are scheduled from 6:30-9:30 pm on the dates listed below.

Class registration begins immediately. If you wish to register, please use the Enroll buttons below to register and pay for classes securely online via PayPal.

Please note: Registration ends four days before the class date. If the class is not fully enrolled, the class will be cancelled, and registered students will be notified at least twenty-four hours before class. If you must cancel, please let us know at least four days before the date of the class. If you fail to notify us, we will have to charge you for the cost of the class regardless of if you attend.


Please call Amy Jacobs at 212.226.0573 ext. 207 or email to arrange payment at your discounted class rate.


Introduction to Contemporary Papermaking
One three-hour session with staff instructor
This workshop offers an introduction to the papermaking process, including how to pull sheets of paper, as well as various papermaking and artistic techniques. Each session includes a lecture, demonstration, viewing of works from the archive at Dieu Donné, and hands-on experimentation.
All materials are provided.

September 1
October 6
November 3
December 1

Sessions are 6:30—9:30 pm | Members: $76.50 per session | Non-members: $90 per session
There are no additional material fees for the Introductory class.

Creative Techniques
One three-hour session with staff instructor
The Creative Technique workshops at Dieu Donné offer the opportunity to explore advanced techniques culled from over thirty years of exploration within the medium; these techniques originated or were developed through work produced at Dieu Donné. Each session will focus on introducing students to specific hand papermaking techniques. Each class is lead by an expert papermaker who will provide instruction and answer questions during the allotted class time. Please read below for desciptions of each workshop.
There are additional material fees for many of these classes and students are asked to prepare and bring materials to class.

September 15
Pulp painting, Stenciling & Pigmenting
October 13
Casting with molds & laminate casting
November 17
Embedding, Blowouts & Simple Watermarks
December 8
Pulp painting, Stenciling & Pigmenting

Sessions are 6:30—9:30 pm | Members: $85 per session | Non-members: $100 per session
PLUS additional material fees listed below.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Contemporary Papermaking

Pulp Painting, Stenciling, and Pigmenting
This class has a $15 materials fee
Students will learn how to properly color their pulps as well as create appropriate pulp paint consistencies for a variety of purposes. Students will also make stencils for use during the class and are advised to bring a simple image to trace.

Embedding, Blowouts, and Simple Watermarks
This class has a $15 materials fee.
Students must prepare and bring materials to class - see below
This course introduces three techniques: embedding is a method of laminating a variety of materials between sheets of paper; blowouts use an object to create pieces of paper that take on the shape of the object's silhouette; and watermarking incorporates a linear image into the sheet of paper itself. Students will need to bring materials that they wish to use for both the embedding and blowout techniques, and a simple line drawing to trace for watermarking.

Embedding materials should be fairly flat, flexible and able to withstand moisture. Common examples are collage papers, fabric, string, brass wire, etc. Please do not bring materials that rust, nor ones that cannot withstand heavy pressure, or are too dimensional (like rocks, shells, round objects, etc.), as they can break or damage studio equipment.

Almost anything can be a blowout object as long as it can withstand heavy moisture. It is best for objects to have a flat side since the shape of this side determines the shape of the resulting piece of paper. Blowouts can be made using gloves, scissors, chains, plastic containers, your hand, etc.

Casting with molds and Laminate Casting
This class has a $35 materials fee
Students must prepare and bring materials to class - see below
This course introduces two different sculptural papermaking techniques: casting with molds, which result in a solid sculpture composed of thick cotton pulp; and laminate casting, which results in a hollow sculpture made of thin paper.
Casting requires a hydrocal plaster box-mold, the dimensions of which should not exceed 11” x 14” x 2”. It is best to bring in a small, simple mold with no undercuts for your first time casting. This class will not cover mold-making, therefore students will need to prepare a plaster mold prior to class. When preparing your plaster mold, please allow sufficient time (at least two days) after curing to dry out as much as possible. This will accelerate the drying time of your paper pieces. Other types of molds will be discussed and demonstrated in class.
Laminate Casting is similar to papier mache but uses pressed sheets of wet handmade paper in a layering process. These sheets are applied to the outside of an object and left to dry. The resulting laminate cast sculpture can either remain on the object or be cut off and patched when dry. Students should bring in an object on which to laminate cast. Avoid objects that cannot withstand moisture, have concave surfaces, or undercuts.
Please note: you will leave your molds and castings at the Dieu Donné studios to dry (usually 2 - 7 days). Please plan to retrieve your molds and castings within two weeks of the date you took the class. Dieu Donné cannot accommodate these materials for longer than two weeks.
Open Studio
Additional material fees may be required dependent on the project
During all workshops (Creative Techniques and Introduction) Dieu Donné also offers Open Studio. This option provides experienced papermakers the opportunity to further experiment with the creative techniques they have learned in previous classes and to explore the medium on their own with assistance from artistic staff. Open Studio is recommended for students who have taken one or more Creative Technique workshops and wish to work independently on their own projects.

To enroll in Open Studio please contact Amy Jacobs at 212-226-0573 ext. 207 or

Sessions are 6:30—9:30 pm | Members: $85 per session | Non-members: $100 per session
These prices do NOT include any additional material fees, as mentioned above.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Contemporary Papermaking and at least one other Creative Technique workshop

Other Ways to Enroll
If you have trouble registering online or for information on all the Educational Programs at Dieu Donné please contact Amy Jacobs at 212-226-0573 ext. 207 or

To become a member and receive reduced rates on classes, please download a brochure or call 212-226-0573.

Papermaking Workshops and Gift Certificates
For information about private papermaking workshops for your group, or to purchase a Gift Certifiacte please contact Amy Jacobs at or call 212-226-0573 ext. 207.

Internship Opportunities
Dieu Donné offers internships to dedicated individuals in the studio and administrative areas of the organization. To learn more and to download an application, visit our internship page.

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