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Studio Services
Studio Rentals, Collaborative Projects, Custom Paper, and Publishing Projects

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Dieu Donné is a 7,000 square foot hand papermaking studio, gallery, and archive located in the Fashion District of midtown Manhattan. Visual artists work in collaboration with highly skilled artistic staff to create both unique and editioned two- and three-dimensional works.

Over the past thirty years, Dieu Donné has produced works in collaboration with The Aldrich Museum of Art, Lower East Side Printshop, Isis, Axelle Editions, Fawbush Editions, Pace Prints, The Whitney Museum of American Art Library, among others.

Many significant artists have worked with Dieu Donné artistic staff and paper, including: Richard Artschwager, Louise Bourgeois, Chuck Close, Jane Hammond, William Kentridge, Glenn Ligon, Robert Ryman, Kiki Smith, Richard Tuttle, and many others.

Studio Rentals
Artists are able to rent our fully equipped paper making studio and work in collaboration with a skilled artistic collaborator. Following is a description of rental levels and pricing, please feel free to contact Lisa Switalski ( or Amy Jacobs ( for further information and to plan a studio rental. Studio hours are Monday through Friday from 10:30 am - 6:00pm.

Exclusive Studio Rentals
Artists work in collaboration with one or more artistic collaborator(s) in the creation of works of art in handmade paper. During these rentals, the studio is dedicated to the artist and collaborator(s). A conversation between the artist and his/her collaborator will take place in advance of the rental and allow the collaborator to prepare the necessary paper making materials for the project. The rental fee includes this standard material preparation as well as standard drying and curating services after the rental, however some projects may incur additional costs due to the complexity, costs and time involved in the materials or post-drying work.

   •Full day exclusive studio rental with one Studio Collaborator: $1,400 (consecutive days booked will be discounted by $150 per day)
   •Full day exclusive studio rental with Artistic Director (one) collaborator: $1,550 (consecutive days booked will be discounted by $150 per day)
   •Note: Artists working at large scale (30 x 40 inches and above) may require an additional Studio Collaborator or outside studio staff). 

Group Studio Rentals
Up to 4 artists work independently with the shared support of one Studio Collaborator and share the studio rental for the day. During these rentals, artists may work up to 22 x 30" and with standard materials such as cotton and abaca. The rental fee includes studio and standard material preparation as well as standard drying after the rental. Additional fees may be applicable due to the complexity, costs and time involved in the materials or post-drying work.For experienced papermakers. If interested in joining a group rental, or attending a class to gain experience for these rentals please contact Amy Jacobs at 212-226-0573 ext. 207

   •Group studio rental fee: $350

Collaborative Projects

Dieu Donné offers unique opportunities to produce individual works and editions with print shops and publishers through collaborative artists’ projects. Artistic staff consult with artists and publishers to develop innovative methods of production which may incorporate other printmaking techniques or processes.

Custom Paper & Materials

Dieu Donné produces custom paper and materials for a variety of applications, including: painting, drawing, sculpture, photographic and digital prints, and more. The studio produces handmade papers with museum archival standards while also allowing the artist freedom with materials of their choice.

Sheet forming capabilities range up to 7 x 10 feet.

Custom paper is created using a variety of traditional fiber sources, such as cotton, linen, abaca, raw flax, and Asian fibers such as kozo and gampi. Our paper can range from thick, heavy-weight sheets to translucent ethereal skins and infinite other possibilities.

Artist Publishing Projects

Artists themselves may schedule time in the studio to produce their own self-published projects. The staff consult with artists to help conceive their project as realized through the papermaking process. The artist and staff develop a working practice during production that has set a precedent for collaboration over the past thirty years.

Artist Sponsorship Residency

Dieu Donné works with collectors, supporters, and publishers of artwork through this residency, as a direct way of enabling an artist to benefit from the experience of creating work in the handmade paper. The three-day residency can be funded to further allow the artist to develop a fully-realized work or create an edition. Past artists sponsored through the residency include Lesley Dill, William Kentridge, James Siena, Richard Tuttle, and many others.

For more information, and to set up an appointment to discuss paper orders and other studio services, please contact Amy Jacobs, Studio Collaborator & Education Manager, at or at 212-226-0573 x 207 or Lisa Switalski, Studio Collabor & Production Manager, at or at 212-226-0573 x 206.

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